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ADS - Digital Media is a digital agency specializing in digital business, but it goes beyond that. We connect your business to technology, innovation, and, above all, results. With an international presence, we develop a unique and exclusive strategy, designed and elaborated according to your company's needs. With a specialized team, we offer various services to efficiently and effectively address all digital world demands because our main goal is to sell your business.

Cristiani Aimée: SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, and Social Media.

Cristiani Aimée is our leader, an SEO specialist, a Digital Marketing Manager, and a Social Media expert. With deep knowledge of search engine optimization, she is the force behind the strategies that propel our clients to the top of Google's results. Her expertise in artificial intelligence allows for the creation of personalized campaigns that make a difference. Additionally, Cristiani is a talented senior designer, ensuring that our projects stand out visually.

João Trevisani: Creative Director and Audio & Video Editing, AI experts.

João Trevisani is the creative mastermind on our team, serving as the Creative Director and responsible for Audio and Video Editing, as well as being a Programming Specialist. With his unique vision and technical skills, he breathes life into the visual and auditory narratives that tell your brand's story. João is also the brains behind the functionality of every website we build, ensuring that they are not only visually captivating but also highly functional.

Together, Cristiani and João lead a talented and dedicated team with a single goal: to drive your success in the online world. By combining our expertise in SEO, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, design, audio and video editing, social media, and programming, we offer customized solutions to meet your unique needs. We are ready to tackle challenges and bring innovation to every project we embrace. Your success is our greatest motivation.

“Recomendo a empresa ADS Mídia digital. Eles promovem um trabalho de excelência no mercado digital, e é uma ótima opção para quem está atrás de engajar um público bacana para suas lives e redes sociais. Gratidão!”

- Sarajane Mendonça

Cantora, compositora, comunicadora, empresária e digital influencer.

“Super recomendo a ADS Mídia digital! Trabalham com muita dedicação e ajudaram a aumentar o meu engajamento nas redes sociais e na minha loja virtual. A empresa é de confiança e com certeza vai te ajudar a solucionar suas demandas.”

- Vitória Gama

Modelo, designer de interiores, digital influencer, youtuber e empresária.

"Namasea Collection had an exceptional experience with ADS - Digital Media. As a global e-commerce brand, our online presence is crucial. ADS not only created a fantastic multilingual and multicurrency store for us, which was simply fantastic but also excelled in managing our social media on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Their professionalism and creative approach significantly boosted our online visibility, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. We are extremely pleased with the results and the partnership we've built with ADS - Digital Media. They are true experts in digital marketing and social media."
- Melody Lilja

Empreendedora @namaseaco 👙 & @namaseaglow


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